VALIDUS - Close Quarters Training Course (CQTC)

The VALIDUS - Close Quarters Training Course (CQTC) provides advanced shooting instruction, as well as basic tactics, techniques and procedures for removing yourself from a hostile environment, such as home invasion, or prevailing with active shooter scenarios.

This 2-Day Course also offers dynamic skill drills and realistic scenarios designed by our Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, former U.S. Navy SEAL. Available to Law Enforcement and qualified citizens who want to...

  • Learn techniques that will help you clear internal structures and spaces for self-defense.
  • Challenge yourself with training that emphasizes essential shooting skills, close quarters defense techniques, critical thinking/problem solving and shoot/move communication. 
  • Gain knowledge and skills that can help you better protect yourself, loved ones and everyday citizens.
  • Experience training that includes real-world lessons learned and principles of individual excellence and team-work that make Navy SEAL Teams successful.

This is a members only course. Pre-requisite Validus training required. Terms and Conditions of training apply. Once registered, you will receive a course syllabus, details for attending and gear requirements. We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us to register or for rates to attend again as a 1 or 2-day refresher.