Carbine Fundamentals Course (CFC)

The Carbine Fundamentals course offers discerning individuals the basics of carbine / AR15 firearms training. This 8-hour course offers instruction on the best practices of handling a carbine as designed by our Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, former U.S. Navy SEAL.

Instruction Includes:
- Gear, Accessories and Optics
- Familiarization/Safe Handling
- Common Positions/Core Fundamentals
- Establishing Zero/Sight-in (irons/optics)
- Safe Loading/Unloading Procedures
- Establishing Holdovers
- Speed Reloads/Intro to Malfunctions
- Multiple Target/Multiple Distance Drills

Required Individual Equipment:
- 150-200 rounds of ammunition (.223/5.56)
- Carbine with 3 magazines (rentals available)
- Tactical chest rig or belt (loaners available)
- Eye and ear protection

Course Includes: 8 hours of instruction
Course Features: Outdoor shooting range
Additional range fees may apply.