What's Next, What's New?

Complete an Entry Level Course and move on to the next level: Once you complete an Entry Level Course for Handgun you become eligible to attend the next level course for that program. Most people start with our Handgun Fundamentals Course (HFC) or an equivalent Executive Team Event (ETE) and move on to the next handgun course, which is our 5 -Hour, Essential Shooting Skills (ESS) Course. Once you complete our Carbine Fundamentals Course (CFC) you become eligible to attend the next level Validus Carbine Course - Level 1

Have you participated in a Validus - Executive Team Event (ETE)? If so, you may be eligible to attend the ESS Course as open enrollment. You can also book a private ESS course/date with members from your ETE group.  Please contact us for more information and options.

Learn to Master the Handgun: If you are serious about personal protection and want to master the handgun, VALIDUS Handgun Courses - Mastery Training Program is for you. Membership in this program provides our 6 Main Courses, beginner through advanced levels, as well as opportunities each month to attend our 3-Hour Retention Courses (RC’s). Flexible scheduling makes membership in this program great for busy people.

Retain and Improve your Handgun Skills: Join or re-new membership in our Handgun - Retention Courses Program (RCP) to further develop, retain and master your handgun shooting skills. The RCP offers up to 6, Basic through Advanced, 3-Hour Retention Courses (RC's) each month that will help you sustain your skills and challenge you with new drills and scenario-based training. 

Advance Your Skills or Challenge Yourself With New Training like our Close Quarters Training Course (CQTC), Integrated Handgun/Carbine Course (IHCC), Validus Carbine Course - Level 2 (VCC-L2) or Shotgun Fundamentals Course (SFC).