VALIDUS Carbine Course –Level 2 (VCC-L2)

The Validus Carbine Course - Level 2 (VCC-L2) reinforces and expands upon techniques learned in the Validus Carbine Course - Level 1 (VCC-L1). In addition, this 8-hour firearms course provides instruction on advanced manipulation skills and applying tactics, techniques and procedures during dynamic drills and realistic scenarios as designed by our Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, former U.S. Navy SEAL. Available to Law Enforcement and qualified citizens.

Prerequisite Training: Validus Carbine Course - Level 1 (VCC-L1)

Instruction Includes:
Efficiency of Motion Review, Audit and Validation
Multiple Target/Mixed Distance Drills
Quick Acquisition Shoot/No-shoot Drills
Unconventional Shooting Positions/Techniques
Dynamic Movement/Use of Cover Drills
Advanced Handling/Decision Making
Shooting From/Around Vehicles/Obstacles
Combined Skill Scenarios

Required Individual Equipment:
300-400 rounds of ammunition (.223/5.56)
Carbine/Sling with 3 magazines (rentals available)
Tactical chest rig 
Eye and ear protection

Course Includes: 8 hours of instruction
Course Features: Outdoor shooting range
Additional range fees may apply.