Scout Rifle Course - Level 1 (SRC-L1)

This Level 1 Precision Scout Rifle course offers individuals the basics of scout rifle firearms training. This 3-day course provides instruction on the best practices of handling a rifle and marksmanship by our Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, former U.S. Navy SEAL.

Instruction includes:

Day 1: Basic Marksmanship & Field Craft Training
Rifle, scope and supporting firearms equipment familiarization.
Fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.
Zeroing your rifle (100 yards).
Marksmanship skills (100 - 300 yards).
Introduction to observation techniques.
Principles of camouflage and concealment.

Day 2: Mid-range Marksmanship & Field Craft Training
Establish come-ups, holdovers, DOPE (200, 300, 400 & 500 yds).
Stealth movement, terrain use and camouflage techniques.
Establish firing positions and surveillance/observation drills.

Day 3: Advanced Marksmanship & Application Training
- Range Estimation and Unknown Distance Shooting.
Introduction to Movers and Calling Wind.
Team Shooting Drills and Fun Steel Challenges.
Final Training Exercise/s (FTXs).

SRC-L1 Gear:
A detailed gear list and more information for attending will be provided once registration is complete. 
Note: We have several rifles with scope/optics mounted for rent. Let us know if you need to rent one. 

Course Includes: Three days of instruction
Course Features: Classroom/Range
Additional range fees may apply.