Scout Rifle Course - Level 2 (SRC-L2)

This 2-day precision scout rifle course will expand on skills learned in the Scout Rifle Level 1 course and introduce techniques necessary for advanced marksmanship.

Prerequisite: Scout Rifle Course - Level 1

Instruction includes:

Day 1: Advanced Marksmanship and Field Craft Training
Spotting for your shooting buddy.
Establishing spotter/shooter relationship & communication.
Wind estimation/compensation & shooting with holds.
Confirm come-up's/DOPE for 200, 300, 400 & 500 – 700 yards.
Establish incremental DOPE (50-yard increments).
Establish holdovers.
Patrolling techniques and movement to FFPs.
Establishing FFPs under observation & taking the shot.
Introduction to low-light/no-light shooting.

Day 2: Advanced Marksmanship & Application Training
Introduction to shooting movers.
Developing Range Cards.
Range Estimation & Uknown Distance Shooting.
850yrd & 1000yrd familiarization shoot.
Multiple distance/multiple stations – Coordinated Teams Shoot.
Multiple Teams Final Training Exercise.

SRC-L1 Gear:
A detailed gear list and more information for attending will be provided once registration is complete. 
Note: We have several rifles with scope/optics mounted for rent. Let us know if you need to rent one. 

Course Includes: Two days of instruction
Course Features: Outdoor shooting range
Additional range fees may apply.